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      All, Maui Ocean Club is my favorite timeshare property (and Maui is my favorite island!).  Some things to consider if you're going to Maui (and other MOC fans -- please add to this thread). Maui Ocean Club refers collectively to two timeshares that share the same physical location (and amenities). Marriott Maui Ocean Club (II:MMO) is the original building -- a hotel that was converted to timeshares (around 1999?). Marriott Maui Ocean Club -- Lahaina and Napili Villas (II:MM1) are the new towers opened in 2007 and 2009.  These are purpose-built timeshares, with Lahaina Villas to the South of the original tower and Napili Villas to the North of the original tower.  If you are going to MOC (whether to the new or to the original) you will love it. Things to know (at the moment, this is a brain dump -- someday I hope it will be organized): 1. There is a CostCo just outside the airport -- you can load up en route to MOC2. If you arrive early, the bell hop will store your luggage (including cold foods) until your room is ready3. If you have a Mountain/Garden view category room (in Lahaina Villas), request highest floor possible on the South Side -- about 9 out of the 20 rooms in this category have a spectacular view towards Lahaina4. If you're OV or OF in the new towers, the trees will partially obstruct the view up to Floors 5, so try to get the highest floor possible5. There are chair hogs at Maui -- it really is necessary to go down early and put your stuff on a chair6. They really will take your towel if it's left unattended for too long7. If this is your first time to Maui, you should google: Molokini, Banyan Tree, Wailea beaches, Honolua Bay, Hana, Haleakala, Iao Needle -- all great trips and worth doing if time permits8. If your kids need a down day from the sun, there is a really good museum on Maui's whaling history in Whaler's Village9. You can buy mugs that get you unlimited coffee/soda from the on-site snack shop -- approx $35 for the week10. If you have a 1BR OV in the original towers, a great room request is the Molokai Wing -- North Side -- High floor11. The original towers do have small refrigerators and no ovens -- and laundry facilities are shared, not in the room.  The balconies are terrific.12. The new towers have full kitchens and the master suites have laundry facilities.  The balconies are smaller.13. Make sure you get an activities schedule when you check-in -- there are many fun activities for the children (and the adults) each day.  There is a Keiki Club for the kids, but it's not one where you can drop them off for the day14. Good workout facility at MOC15. The pool bar opens around 10:00am.  If you see a guy at 10:01am picking up Bloody Marys during Week 24/25, please say hello to him.16. I always rent a car -- but it will sit idle for days at a time.  I have friends who come and never rent a car.17. The surfing isn't very good off of Kaanapali Beach18. The snorkeling is best up by Black Rock (about 1/2 mile to Whalers Village and then a little bit beyond Whalers Village)19. The beaches in Wailea are fabulous -- I love to go down for the day and boogie board20. While visiting Wailea, I'll stop at the kiosks at Kalama Marketplace in Kihei -- its funky, but inexpensive souvenirs/gifts are availabe -- we've been going there since 2006 (and they need the biz -- every year there are fewer kiosks since 2008)21. There is a Dairy Queen in Kihei by the Safeway market (it's 1221 Honoapiilani Highway)22. The Safeway market is the best we've found on Maui (but not convenient to MOC)23. The train that goes through Kaanapali is fun to do a single time if you have really young children24. Trilogy is a favorite for the sailing excursions -- they have a Molokini trip that leaves out of Maalea and other trips that leave out of Lahaina (going to Lanai).  They are best in class.  We've been on Terlani also and enjoyed that but love Trilogy.25. When we stay at MOC and have other family coming and need overflow space, we try and get rooms at Sands of Kahana (about 4 miles up the road) or Kaanapali Beach Club (about 2-3 miles)26. Some MOC owners will extend their stay in Maui by staying at the Marriott in Wailea27. If you have young children, consider buying beach toys -- if buying beach toys, definitely buy a sand shovel so you can dig holes in the sand.  (We bring gardening spades with us so they have strong handles)28. If you are a BBQer, you will want to bring your own tongs/etc.  We bring a cookie sheet to carry all of the stuff needed down to the BBQ area29. There is a fabulous little play area by the Lahaina Villas grill for kids to play on while you grill.30.  For the same reason, if you have a Mountain/Garden View in the original tower -- and you like to BBQ, consider requesting the Lanai Tower so you'll be closer to those grills I'll append to this list as things occur to me -- I hope other MOC lovers will add to this thread with their own comments and recommendations.  I also hope that other properties (not just Marriott) will have their own threads started. All the best, Greg Note: If you're using Internet Explorer (like I am), the spacing will be different here on VPE -- what appears as a double space in the textbox (when writing the post) actually only gets single spaced when posted.  So I stick an extra Enter in for formatting purposes....Thx Please also PM me with corrections on this if I've made an error -- thx again!

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      Here is what I would add.

      • The layout of the Napili and Lahaina Towers are the same as the 2BR at Ko Olina.
      • Plan your trips to Costco.  It's about 40 minutes one way from the Resort.
      • If you have lots of stuff and travel outside the resort, request to be in the Lahaina Tower.  The parking garage near Lahaina Tower is much larger and always has parking spots available.
      • I stayed on the 2nd Floor Lahaina Towers Ocean Front and it was still awesome.  We slept with the balcony door open in the evenings.
      • Honoloa Bay is a Must.  Access is through private land and they ask for a donation.  Well worth it.  We left $20 over 2 days.

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      Are are a couple more.

      • If you plan your trip in January or February you will get to see more whales than you can imagine. The whales have their babies there during this time and also get pregnant for next years delivery. There are so many whales there at that time that its nearly impossible to look out in the ocean and not see one breaching. Also be sure to take a boat out to sea to see them up close. Its an amazing sight. This takes place from about December to April with Jan and Feb being the best months to see the most.
      • If you like to walk continue way past black rock over to the Westin Timeshares and beyond. Its a nice walk with lots of things to see.

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      Starbucks is now on site.If you purchase the refillable mugs, sell them back on ebay for about 1/2 of what you paid. Unless you like having a $40 plastic cup.The Lahaina and Napilli towers are very,very nice. Everything you need if going as a family and very roomy.The Molokai, Maui and Lanai towers are your standard "hotel" rooms. If you don't need all the room then this is the way to go. As stated before, high floors are the way to go unless you don't like heights or longer elevator rides (I have never had a problems with wait times for the tower elevators) Wait times for the Lahaina garage elevator have always been long, so most of the time I never use it.If you eat white rice plain, don't get it at Longboards. They put salt in it and that does not fly with me. I know they have done this for years ( I keep coming back for more 🙁 ) Otherwise I have no complaints about service or food there.Local food- Da Kitchen in Kahului where 36 &37 meet. Bring your appetite as the plates have a lot of food.Try to avoid driving during the commute hours as there is only the one road, so it will keep your frustration level down.Don't be one of the idiots sightseeing/waving cameras while driving to MOC from the airport. It pisses everyone off and you should see what it does to the side of your car when you get hit.Maui is well set up for tourism, lots to do,see,eat and things don't die off at sunset.

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