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Rental and Transfer Process

Do I need a contract?

  • It is recommended that an agreement be in place between the the Buyer and Seller however it is not required.  Other than facilitating the transfer between owners, Marriott plays no other role in the transaction.

How should funds be transferred?

  • The method to transfer funds should be agreed upon by the buyer and seller.  Common methods for transfer include PayPal and any bank account with Zelle.  Whenever possible, it is best to pay for your transaction with a credit card.
  • PayPal does not provide purchase protection for real estate related transactions.  There is no specific language regarding vacation rentals or rentals in general.  A suggest payment method would be for the seller to send a PayPal invoice to the Buyer.  The buyer should then be able to pay the transaction with their credit card.  All transactions should be conducted as a “Goods and Services” transaction.

What does the “Seller” need to transfer points?

  • Seller/Rentor Account Number – The individual that has points available for rent.
  • Buyer/Rentee Account Number – The individual that will pay a fee to the Seller.
  • Buyer’s Name on the Account

How do you find your Account Number?

How does the transfer take place?

  • Points may be transferred through a telephone call to your Vacation Advisor.  The phone number listed for someone at the Executive level is (855) 682-4847.  You will go through an identity verification process with the advisor.  At this time, you will specify the number of points to be transferred, the type of points (Trust vs. Exchange), and the usage year.  The Advisor will repeat and confirm the transaction.
  • Example:  “This is Bill Marriott, Account Number 12345678, and I would like to transfer 1,000 Trust points, Usage Year 2019, from my account to Owner Stephen Weisz, Account number 87654321.”


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