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Verified Seller FAQ

How do I become a Verified Seller?

Please send an email to getverified@vacationpointexchange.com with your request.

What is a Verified Seller?

A Verified Seller is an individual who has provided information to Vacation Point Exchange to verify their ownership status and identity.

Do I have to become a Verified Seller?

Becoming a Verified Seller is not a requirement to participate on Vacation Point Exchange, though it may be helpful for first-time sellers.

Why should a Seller become verified?

Trust is critical in the marketplace when the Buyer and Seller will never meet in person.  The verified status lets a Buyer know that the Seller has taken certain steps to verify their identity along with their status as a Marriott Destination Club Owner/Participant.  A verified status may also be helpful for first time sellers in building that trust with buyers.

How does Vacation Point Exchange verify a Seller?

We require sellers (renting out their points) to send a copy of their current Driver’s License along with a copy of their profile page from My-VacationClub.com that displays the following:

  • Owner Number
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • E-Mail Address
  • Phone Number
  • Benefit/Status Level

We compare the information on the Driver’s License to see if it matches what is listed with Marriott.  We also verify that the email address that provided this information to Vacation Point Exchange also matches what is listed with Marriott.

Where can I find my profile page on the Marriott website?

Your profile page can be accessed by going to the following link.

Who will have access to the information provided by a Verified Seller?

The staff of Vacation Point Exchange will retain and have access to all information provided by the Seller.  This will not be shared with Buyers, except in certain circumstances.

Will the verification information be available to a Buyer (renter of points)?

In order to preserve the privacy of Sellers, this information will not shared with Buyers, except in certain circumstances.  The  gathering of Seller’s information is to verify that Seller has an established account with Marriott and that we have a copy of identification.

Is there a fee to become a Verified Seller?

There is an initial $25 fee to become verified.  The $25 fee can be submitted through PayPal or Apple Pay.  Once the fee has been paid and all documents received, the seller will be added to the Verified Seller list.

What is the duration of the Verified Seller status?

We require that Sellers re-verify their status on an annual basis.  Each re-verification will incur a $10 fee.

What if a Verified Seller does not complete the transaction after a Buyer has sent funds?

In order to demonstrate the failure to transfer points, Buyer must submit a current screen shot of their point transaction history.  Vacation Point Exchange will attempt to contact the Seller on the Buyer’s behalf.  If the Verified Seller does not complete the transaction and will not return funds to the Buyer, Vacation Point Exchange will share the information provided by the Seller to the Buyer in order to pursue legal action.

Does renting from a Verified Seller provide any guarantees to a Buyer?

Vacation Point Exchange does not provide any guarantees to the Buyer.  Our role is to confirm that the identification presented matches what is listed with Marriott, while reasonably protecting the Sellers privacy.