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VERIFIED SELLER 1500 Marriott Vacation Points usage year 2018.

I am a Verified Seller and I have 1500 unrestricted MVC Destination points for usage year 2018 that can be transferred immediately. Please contact me […]

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2700 unrestricted MVCI Destination Points for transfer

2700 MVCI unrestricted Destination Points good through November 30, 2018. Will transfer to another registered MVCI DP owner.

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1925 Marriott Destination points for rent

I have 1925 Marriott Destination Points for rent. These can be used anywhere in the where there is a Marriott Resort. (Sorry, it does not […]

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Thanks for all your help

Thank you for all the response to my ad. I have found all the points I need for now. I made a donation to thank […]

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Over 10,000 2019 DC Legacy Points available for Transfer only

I have over 10,000 completely clean 2019 DC Legacy Points available for Transfer only. I’m a verified seller with VPE and I’ve done these transfers […]

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I’d Love to Take Your Transferrable 2018 and/or 2019 Points!

I’d love to take any 2018 and/or 2019 points you have available at $0.60 each. Points for transfer only please. Instant payment via PayPal or […]

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10,000 2019 trust points – Verified Seller

I have 10,000 2019 Trust Points for rent. They are completely un-restricted.

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140 Marriott Destination Points to rent 2019

Have 140 destination points to rent for 2019. Good from January 1,2019 to December 31,2019. They are unrestricted, never banked. Can easily be transferred to […]

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2,625 Destination Club Points (Current Year – 2018)

I have some extra points for this year that I don’t need and rather than bank them, I’m looking to rent them. I’ve participated in […]

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seeking transferable 2018 DC points

Looking for 2018 DC points- legacy or trust – as long as they can be transferred. Immediate payment via paypal or most other services. happy […]

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I will rent any number of 2018 Marriott destination points

I will rent any number of Marriott Destination points for $0.59 per point. I will PayPal you friends and family immediately for any transferrable points. […]

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