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Marriott FAQ’s

What are the Marriott Destination Level benefits?

What are the discount codes for Marriott Cash Stays?

  • The discounts only apply to cash stays at Vacation Club Resorts.  They do not apply to hotel stays.
  • Presidential and Chairman’s Club DC Members – 35% off (code ”2VC”)
  • Executive DC Members – 30% off (code ”6VC”)
  • Select DC Members – 25% off (code ”7VC”)
  • Weeks Owners not affiliated with the DC – 25% off (code ”7VC”)

What is the difference between Trust Points and Legacy/Exchange Points?

  • Trust points are points received when you own pure Trust points in the Destination Club (DC). Legacy (or Exchange) points are points that Legacy week owners received when they exchange their enrolled week for points in the DC.
  • In 99.9% of the cases, both points will do the same thing. On very rare instances, usually in the 13 month booking window (before 12 months), there may be an unusual reservation that will only allow Trust points to book it, but this is very rare.
  • When booking online, the system will demand that each individual night’s points value be booked with either Trust or Legacy points. Let’s say you want a 2-night reservation that totals 500 points. You have 250 Trust and 250 Legacy. If both nights required 250 points, the system would allow you to book the 2 nights using a combination of your Trust and Legacy points.
  • But if, for example, one night costs 300 points and one costs 200 points, the system would not allow you to book the 2-night reservation because you do not have the correct combination of points. Some folks have reported if you run into that issue, you can call MVC and speak to a Vacation Owner Advisor and they will be able to override the system and book it for you.

How can i reduce the chances of getting scammed?

  • Scammers are out there and it’s difficult to identify them beforehand. There are some steps that you can take that will reduce your chances of getting scammed. Below are some suggestions from other’s on VPE.
  • Perform a small value transaction first (25-100 points) to prove that the other party has the ability to transfer points. Most scammers probably don’t have an account to even complete this first step.
  • Request a screenshot that shows the name on the account and either the partial or complete account number the points are coming from. You could even go so far as asking for a screenshot of the points that are supposed to be transferred to verify that they have the full amount of points.
  • Research the person to see if they exist on TUG or if they have a review on VPE. There is a section in the Forum for feedback.
  • Payment should be conducted with PayPal using a credit card however some may object to the fee. If it is a known person you are probably okay using PayPal Gift but if it is someone you know nothing about, then paying the fee may be worth it.