Points Resale Purchase Calculator

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MVC fees accurate as of November 3, 2020 and reflects the 2021 Approved Operating Budget.
Title fees are approximate as each title company is unique.

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MVC Related Fees
Title Closing Fees
Total Costs and Fees

  1. The Recording Charges are $10 for the first page and $8.50 for each additional page.
  2. The Transfer Tax is calculated at a rate of $0.70 per $100 consideration. This is based off the purchase price and is rounted up to the next $100.
  3. The Education Fee is for new owners in the points system. If you already have points or are an enrolled owner, this fee is waived.
  4. The Enrollment/Initiation Fee is calcualted at $750 per benificial interest with a $3000 minimum fee. Each beneficial interest represents 250 points in the trust. In the legal document it is also referred to as the Initiation Fee. It is found on Page 15 (Page 16 of the PDF) in Section D - Effect of Transfer of Program Member's Interest. This is contained as part of VII. MISCELLANEOUS of the document.
  5. The Maintenance Fee is calculated at $152.58 per beneficial interest. This fee is the approved amount for the 2021 Calendar year.
  6. The Exchange Dues are based on the total amount of points owned, including weeks that can be exchanged to points. The calculator only factors in the number of points in the resale purchase
    • $215 - Owner and Select (under 7000 points)
    • $255 - Executive and Presidential (between 7000-15000 points)
    • $280 - Chairman's Club (over 15000 points)