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    I think other owners have thought about their possible respnse here and not responded.  I, however, feel the need to 'defend' owners.  It is ultimately your choice to become a timeshare owner, whether you have a deeded week, floating week, or points on a Right To Use or Deeded basis.  We either purchased at a sales meeting, from another owner via resale or directly to Marriott.  That choice was also ours to make just as it is yours not to purchase.It is like buying into a club.  It forces you to plan for your vacation usage rather than just 'winging it'.  Are vacations a primary part of your life? Do they provide a balance to you?  We control our destiny with our vacation plans...you do not.  There is no guarantee you will receive the points you require in any given year.I wish you the best with your choice...as for me, I will continue enjoy being an Owner and keep planning my future vacations!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)