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VPE is three years old!

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      All,I just realized that July 2012 was when VPE "launched" -- many thanks to StevenTing for his technology skills and general creativity that have made this a far better system than the crude prototype that I glitched together.  It is very gratifying to see people doing points transactions and I hope it continues to work well for all.Looking forward to more years of timesharing activities and thank you for helping us create visibility for the site.Best,Greg

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      3 Years….very coolYou survived the Terrible Two's  😮Congrats, and at the same time THANKS to you and Steven....its a great site!!!

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      Well, thanks to you and StevenTing for creating this website!! It has definitely helped out a lot of people in many different ways! Congratulations!!

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      Wow. 3 years. Has it really been that long?  As long as the site serves a purpose we will keep it running. 

Viewing 3 reply threads
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