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Using 2018 points in 2017

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      I decided to enroll one of my MOC weeks for points for next year, and found that it is no longer an option for 2017. I missed the deadline. Marriott told me my only option would be to borrow from 2018 to use in 2017.  My question is:  If I borrow all my points for 2018 to use in 2017, do I have to use ALL of those points in 2017?  Could I use some in 2017 and the remainder in 2018? 

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      If you elect your 2018 week for points, you would then just borrow back into 2017 the points you wanted to use in 2017, and leave the rest of your points in 2018 so you can use them in 2018.If you borrowed back all of your 2018 points into 2017, they would be stuck there and you would not be able to move them forward again into 2018.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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