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    Easy transaction and quick with time traveler
    Highly recommend

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    Glad to have been able to assist with your travel needs. Please be sure to contact me again when you need additional Points.

    The Time Traveler

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    Hi, I see you are a valuable resource for first timers. I have been a Marriott Vacation Club member for over 30 years but I have received so much conflicted and misinformation from the agents over the years.

    I own a week in Sabal Palm (orlando) and a week in Grand Ocean, both have been enrolled in the program for years.

    So I have 350 “Legacy” points left for 2018. I used the rest. My last conversation with Marriott I was told there is no longer a difference between Trust and Legacy Point (not sure I believe that).

    Is there a difference, and if I want to sell them do I specify Legacy Point? Can Legacy and Trust be combined to secure a vacation?

    Thank you in advance

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    There is a difference between Legacy and Trust Points, however Marriott appears to be moving them about so that the user can use them seamlessly.

    I always disclose what I am offering so that the end user knows exactly what they are renting/purchasing. It is the end user who ultimately makes the reservation so I feel they should know what they are dealing with (and make their own decision).

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