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Sale of 4500 points – this site is so cool !

Ad Listings Forums Transaction Review Sale of 4500 points – this site is so cool !

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      I just completed a sale of 4500 points via Paypal.  We did it via private message so I won't reveal the person's info unless they authorize it or choose to respond.  I had never transferred money into a paypal account. It was very easy – I just shows up in your account and then you can leave it there for future use, transfer it to your bank account or have Paypal issue you a check.I have to move the points tomorrow morning as you need a Customer Service/Vacation Advisor to transfer points.  So if you are working with someone on a transfer be aware of the call center hours, so there is no misunderstanding as to when the points will be moved.  Hopefully Marriott will automate this process in the future as well.Thanks for creating this website, it is of great help to DC members.  🙂 Morning update - points transfer was easy with owner services.  Just need other party's DC account number and name on the account, so you can verify that the points are moving to the correct account.  Then as suggested, get an email from the receiver that they have verified that their account has the points.  It's that simple !

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      If the other person doesn't mind, I'd love to know their name on this board so that way in the future, I won't have to worry if that person is trustworthy.  Such a Large transaction is great to hear and congrats to you for finding a buyer.

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