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Rented Points for existing reservation

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      Hello –I'm new to the MVCI program and had a question about renting points.  If I have an existing reservation using my own  points, can I rent points a few days before the reservation and then have a VOA use the rental points for the reservation, resulting in my own points being available to again use/bank/transfer (if current year)? Just trying to think through the strategy of renting points at a potential discount in Q4 for a reservation in Q4, when my trust year is June-May.  BTW -- this is a great site.  Thanks to those who created it.  Thanks,Tommyhobs

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      Yes you can do that.  I have had VOA's help me with this on a few occasions.  They actually have to put you on hold and have somebody in the computer services area take care of it, but it is definitely doable.  Just make sure you do it prior to the deadline to bank your own points that you are freeing up from the ressie if banking them is your ultimate goal.   

Viewing 1 reply thread
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