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question about usage of rented points for 2014

Ad Listings Forums General Questions question about usage of rented points for 2014

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      I am thinking about renting some 2014 points that we may not be able to use. :'(  I know that we can “borrow” and use them ourselves this year, 2013, but does that apply to a renter–could they use our 2014 points this year?Thanks!

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      If you rent 2014 points from a third party and they transfer the points into your account, only you can make a reservation, and it must be a reservation for travel in 2014.  You can't borrow or bank them into a different year, so you have to be careful. What I have done is when I rent points from a third party, I use those points first for a reservation, leaving my own points (Elected Points) available for banking/borrowing.  I've even made a reservation that used my own Elected Points, and then rented points from a third party, and substituted those new points into the existing reservation, restoring my Elected Points. I hope that helps?  Please ask further questions -- thanks! Greg

Viewing 1 reply thread
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