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      I have 1,230 Holding Points and I get a 30% discount when I book within 60 days out. So my 1,230 Holding Points should be able to reserve something that is worth 1,750 DC Points on the points chart, subject to availability.

      I would like to see if any TUGger is interested in a Direct Exchange, where I would make a reservation within 60 days (not to exceed 1,750 points on the points chart) in your name, and I am seeking 1,000 2019 Points in trade.

      Effectively, you would get the benefit of my 30% Discount and I will get to transform my Holding Points into unrestricted points, at a 4:5 Ratio.

      I realize this is a longshot, but thought I would ask.

      Please advise and thanks!



Viewing 0 reply threads
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