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Points for vacation exchange?

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      Hi,I'm sort of a newbie here so apologies if this has been asked previously or I just don't understand enough of how this whole thing works yet  😀Is it possible to rent/exchange points for another person's week? For example, I have 3000+ Marriott Destination points and want to use for Hawaii. However, that destination is not available for 2015. Let's say another owner already has a week in Maui they decided to rent this year or next. Can I rent/transfer my points for their week? I supposed they could just trade/exchange their week for their own points but in some cases, I could give more points than what their week is worth if they were to exchange with Marriott - e.g. 4000 pts for 1 week. Has there been an exchange of this kind being done here? Maybe there's something that makes this transaction not worth it or not possible but that's why I'm asking the question.Thanks in advance for anyone willing to educate! 🙂

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      There is nothing to say that it can't be done.  I believe what you are describing is the driving force behind http://www.ownertrades.com  That website was born on the concept of owner to owner trades.  So perhaps you can check out that website and see if anybody has a Maui week they are interested in swapping that would work for your needs, and in turn, you could either provide points for your value in the swap, or book a week they would desire with your points.  Can't hurt to try. 

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      This is possible but is more of a challenge to coordinate.  First you have to find someone that wants to do this type of trade.  That's the though part.  For me, there are times where I have wanted to trade one of my Ko Olina weeks for points, however the week that I have is not enrolled.  For something like this to work, you need to plan way in advance.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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