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      Hello Everyone,Please call me Captn Mike (my friends IRL do).  My wife and I have 5,000 Trust Points with MVC.  I came to this board after looking to potentially rent out some points for this year.  We had to cancel a trip and I have some that must be used by 2/28/14.  Still have not decided if that is what we will do, but I am the planner in the family so I thought it would be better to sign in now and not wait until the last minute.Looking forward to finding out what the possibilities are....

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      Welcome.  I assume you are a pure trust points owner since you say they expire Feb 2014.  How long have you had your points.  What's your experience so far?  Also I believe you still have some time to bank the points for next year.  My guess is you have until August to bank.  --Sent using Tapatalk

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      Steven,Yes, we are pure trust point owners.  We had our tour just before the point program and could not buy since my wife was out of work.  We did the Encore program, my wife got a good assignment (she has her own very small company) and initially bought 3, 500 points and before we closed on that sale added 1,500 for a total of 5,000.  Our experience so far has been mostly great.  Two small issues that we did not fully comprehend was the cost of the fees when going on a cruise (we have looked, but have not gone on one using points) and the lack of housekeeping (and the relatively high cost to add service).  The properties have been great and we have already "sold" another couple on buying points.  I now have 75 "Borrowed Trust Points" which I cannot do anything with, so I may need to rent some points for 2013 and add a day to my existing reservation. 

Viewing 2 reply threads
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