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MVCI Plat Owner-do rented points have same status

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      I am a platinum level owner of. Marriott vacation club points. I own a week at Boston's Custom House, an enrolled week at Crystal Shores, and 1250 separately deeded points.  My question is this: if I rent points from someone privately, how are these points treated by Marriott? Are they restricted in any way? Thanks in advance for your help.

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      First there is no Platinum level in MVC. You can be Platinum in the Marriott Reward hotel program. Are you thinking about Premier Status in the MVC program. Even that no longer exists. A while back they changed the elite status tiers, creating new ones and renaming them all. Here is the link to the new status levels. https://www.my-vacationclub.com/en-us/owners/ownershiplevels/pdfs/orl_benefits.pdfTo answer your question about renting points, if you rented points from another owner, they will not add to your status level, meaning by adding rented points you will not go up in levels.  That said, any rented points in your account will be treated the same as your owned or enrolled points, meaning if you had Executive or higher status allowing you to book 1 night 13 months out, and if all you had in your account was rented points, they too could be used to book 1 night at 13 months out. On the flip side, if you are the highest level (Chairman) and rent some points to a member at the lowest status level (Owner), those points still would only have Owner member status for the person who rented them from you.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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