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Marriott week ownder want to rent point, possible?

Ad Listings Forums General Questions Marriott week ownder want to rent point, possible?

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      Hi,I am a marriott week owner, I wonder if it's okay that I can rent point? As my account is a week not point base, can I receive a point when I rent it?Thanks

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      Hi — I think that you can only receive/rent points if you have an account capable of holding points.  So, if you've enrolled your week(s) for optional annual selection of DPs instead of your week, you should be able to rent points from others with DPs.    But, if you haven't enrolled your week(s), you cannot rent points because you have no account for which to  receive/hold/use them.

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      But just to clarify it is NOT necessary to ever have actually selected to take points, it is just that you must be enrolled to have the ability to do so.Also - if your week was purchased before June 2010 you can probably 'enrol' the week to enable renting points quite easily - either on the website for a fee or through a few other strategiies

Viewing 2 reply threads
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