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Marriott VC Points – Sell or Rent?

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      Hello Everyone,I am sure this has been asked 100's of times, but searching through this large forum I have seen a ton of information all over the spectrum.Here is my predicament. My wife and I own a Marriott Timeshare. We enrolled in their club points program a couple years ago. But bottom line is that we are getting weary of spending $1400-$1500 in maintenance fees each and every year. We have used our points before, and have also traded to Rewards Points in the past which has proved helpful. But I am still struggling with the value of the whole thing. I get 3095 VC points per year in my program. I can use them, bank them (for a year), or trade for 110,000 Rewards Points.Anyway, I am at a crossroads as to selling it or renting it. I'm pretty sure I won't get near what I paid for it ($26K). I have heard the resell market on timeshares isn't a good one. So, should I rent it?Renting - this is a big gray area from what I have read. Is it legal? Can I get in trouble with Marriott? Am I allowed to book something with my VC points and then subsequently rent that week out??? I have looked on TUG, Redweek, and here, and haven't been able to conclusively find anyone specifically answer this question for me. Hence my post.If anyone has any insight, most importantly on the renting of Marriott VC points, I would love to hear it. Secondly, I would love any insight or recommendations on either continuing to hold onto this property (and either using it or renting it), or selling it.Thank you so much in advance for your time.Sincerely,Bryan

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