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Marriott Vacation Club Specials–does Marriott ever reduce points needed

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      for any properties.  Do they have point specials?

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      Yes. There were some specials “Valid for stays between April 15 and June 30, 2013” for Orlando, Oceana Palms and a couple other resorts. I think it was 40% discount for stays of 6 nights or more and a 25% discount for five night stays. There was also a discount for Kauai Lagoons when it was in construction and also for a short while after. Though I think that has ended. It ranged anywhere from 35%-55% depending on the time of year you traveled.

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      The only one I knew of and took advantage of was Kauai Lagoons.  Stayed there 10 days with an ocean view for like 3700 points.  It was a total bargain.  I think the discount when I booked was like 40%.

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      The points needed for making a reservation is also reduced if booking at the last minute. For executive level there is a 25% discount on bookings 30 days out and for presidential and above there is a 30% discount 60 days out. There is no last minute booking discounts for ownership of less than 7000 credits.

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      Marriott Vacation Club just started a new program, available to all levels, that allows last minute reservations, within 60 days of arrival to select properties at very good discounts. In fact, some are better than what Executive, Presidential, and Chairman’s Level receive. If you are at a higher level, you can’t ‘double dip’, use one or the other discount. Also, you must call the VOA to make the reservation on these Escapes properties, which a new set comes out every Wednesday morning on the website. Here is a blurb from the website at MarriottVacationClub.com:

      Marriott Vacation Club Destinations® Escapes

      Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Escapes is a new way for Points and Enrolled Owners to maximize their Vacation Club Points. It allows you to book available stays within 60 days prior to check-in at select Marriott Vacation Club® properties for a reduced number of Vacation Club Points.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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