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Maintenance fees and point rentals in 2016

Ad Listings Forums General Questions Maintenance fees and point rentals in 2016

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      As I understand it, maintenance fees for Destinations Club points are going up to $0.50-ish per point.  Should we expect the average point rental cost to go up a bit as well?  I have been seeing points rent for $0.40 – $0.60 per point the past few years (except for rentals late in the use year.)  Seems like this will also drive up the average rental cost.Jim

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      Its all supply and demand based.  You would think point rental pricing would continue to increase slightly as MF's rise, but keep in mind, most points currently rented here are Legacy points, and many (likely most) Legacy points come from weeks with lower underlying MF's than the Trust points do, so the MF/point from many of these Legacy renters are in the $0.35-$0.45 per point range (some lower, some higher), so if those folks with lower underlying costs want to drop their price a bit to quickly convert the points to $$$, they have the ability to do so.  I think the trick, unless you are really in an immediate need for the points, is to start looking early and often and when you see a good price….jump. 

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