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      Please explain the difference between trust points & legacy points. Is there an advantage in using one type versus the other now & going forward? When booking a resort ; is it possible to combine both types of points?

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      Trust points are points received when you own pure Trust points in the Destination Club (DC). Legacy (or Exchange) points are points that Legacy weeks owners received when they exchange their week for points in the DC.

      In 99.9% of the cases, both points will do the same thing. On very rare instances, usually in the 13 month booking window (before 12 months), there may be an unusual reservation that will only allow Trust points to book it, but again, that is very rare.

      As for combining points, yes you can do that, but if booking online, the system will demand that each individual night’s points value be booked with either Trust or Legacy points, so that can cause some issues. Lets say you want a 2 night ressie that totals 500 points. You have 250 Trust and 250 Legacy. If both nights required 250 points, the system would allow you to book the 2 nights using a combination of your Trust and Legacy points. But, if for example, one night costs 300 points and one costs 200 points……the system would not allow you to book the 2 night ressie because you do not have the correct combination of points. Some folks have reported if you run into that issue, you can call MVC and speak to a Vacation Owner Advisor and they will be able to override the system and book it for you.

      Hope that helps.

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      Thank you for the information which definitely is helpful. I apologize for not responding in a more timely manner.

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