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      Own 16 weeks at Grand Residence Club in Lake Tahoe. The points program of MVC was just offered to owners this year and I enrolled as an additional option. Did all my trades through Interval in prior years but see the points program as a viable alternative to get the most out of my ownership. Surprised and glad to have found this forum as I think it is a great idea but, as I have relayed to Greg, just wondering why Marriott doesn't administer a similar forum since it is such a value add to members. With over 40,000 points each year, although I don't put them all into the points program, I will almost always have extra points that can be rented. Still trying to figure out what is best for my vacation needs and will post points available as things come together.Thanks for putting together a great place for posting wants, needs and questions.

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      Welcome Jim.Great to have you.  Wow, 16 weeks.  All at one place?  Well, now that you've found us, help spread the word.  The more people that know about trading and exchanging the points, the better the community.  As for why Marriott doesn't run a similar forum/exchange service, I think it comes down to money.It's not the lack of money.  It's about the potential loss of money.  If Marriott ran an exchange for points, this would lead to the loss of future point sales.  Greg and I have discussed this a couple of times.  Ask yourself the following.  If I have the ability to rent as many points as possible from other owners, what is my incentive to buy points from the Developer?  By renting points from other owners, I no longer have an upfront cost for additional points.  I no longer have the responsibility to pay the maintenance fees.  Compared to maintenance fees, I will pay more per point by renting, but the amount will still be less than renting rooms directly from Marriott.comI've almost purchased a couple more timeshares from Ebay but Greg has helped me talk myself out of it.  Even on Ebay, why by additional weeks and be responsible for the maintenance fees when you can just rent the points from those that may not need their points.

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      Yes, GRC (Grand Residence Club) was setup from the get go as quarter share ownership versus the more traditional week at a time. That is why they only now offered the points option to GRC owners. I am sure the money motive drives Marriott and you are probably right about the rationale for not having a forum such as this.Up till now I did most of my trades via Interval but can see the writing on the wall - more and more preference will be given to points members so that Marriott inventory on Interval will decline. I agree that renting the points is the way to go versus buying additional fixed commitment that comes with purchasing a timeshare.Will definitely spread the word regarding the forum.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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