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How to place a Classified Ad on VPE

Ad Listings Forums General Questions How to place a Classified Ad on VPE

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      Good morning,To Create a Classified Ad for points that you would like to rent out, please do the following1. Click Classifieds in the black/grey bar below the VPE header2. Click Add Listing box3. Select the "Category of points" from the drop-down box (offering different levels of points you want to rent out)4. Click Select Category button to confirm the category that you have identified in #35. Fill out your Ad (including Title) -- an example is included at the bottom of this post.      People often include:    a. Number of points you're offering    b. Price per point that you're Asking    c. Whether or not you are willing to rent partial packages, or want to rent all points to one party    d. Whether they are Trust or Legacy Points (this often goes in the Title of the ad too)    e. The Usage Year of the points    f. Payment terms (check, PayPal, etc)    g. Preferred contact method6. Below the box for verbage, are boxes for Currency and Price (those are optional to complete).  If you want to complete, put in U.S. Dollars and the Price per Point you are asking7. The mandatory boxes to complete are the number of points and the usage year.8. Once all of the information is entered, click Add Listing to post your classified ad.  The ad will run for a period of time (example: 30 days) and then close out automatically.Please note that when renting out Trust Points (or if you are the counterparty, and renting in the Trust Points) it is very important to get the Usage Period correct.  Trust Points are not required to have a January 1 anniversary date, so many Trust Points will have non-calendar year anniversary dates.  Accordingly, please be careful when listing the Usage Year/Period for your points since it determines when reservations can be made, since a transferred point (either Legacy or Trust Point) can not be banked or borrowed. Good luck with your rental activity!Best,Greg_______________ExampleAd Title:    5,000 Legacy Points for rent -- 2015 Usage YearVerbage box:I am offering [5,000] [Legacy/Trust] Points for rentPartial rentals are fine, however minimum rental is [1,000] pointsUsage Year:  [2015]  [if Trust Points, Usage Period is:  October 1, 2014 - September 30, 2015]Asking [$0.XX per point]Payment via [PayPal, check] is preferredPlease contact me at [emailaddress.com]  or click the email icon below my user name on the left side of the screen.Thank you.

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