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HHV reservation not able to use, referred by Greg

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      Hi All,I am a WorldMark owner, and I also have FAVC which trades directly with Hilton (via telephone! ACK!) and I also have some RCI points and an RCI weeks account.  I have two HHV Lagoon Tower units that I cannot use but if someone else is to use either, it would need to be quickly determined. I have FAVC and did a direct trade (not through RCI, no exchange company "rules" apply as to cost reimbursement, in fact the FAVC people suggested I attempt to get reimbursement.) I have a 2 bedroom and a studio both for July 6-13. Because of the points cost to me, I have $1600+ in the 2 bedroom and $600+ in the studio. I have expiring points in these reservations. I cannot pay to save some of them anymore and would have to put them in RCI to get anything out of them. Part of the points are also 2013 points, and would have to pay to save them by the end of this week.I made these reservations at 5 am 9 months out and my daughter has decided to get married a mere three weeks past the date of these reservations, and due to a sister-in-law surgery recuperation (I am watching her 4 year-old and the timing is just before this reservation), I have just one too many complicating factors to go this time.Ideas?Thanks!

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      Mrsmusic,Welcome to VPE, and I hope you find a counterparty who can go to Oahu.For our VPE user, HHV in July is a tough reservation to secure -- and as you know from TUG, HHV is one of my favorite timeshare properties.  I wish I could go (but will just be coming back from Maui) and think there is an opportunity for someone to either rent for cash, or exchange future Marriott points (2014 or 2015) in exchange for the HHV reservations.Good luck, and I hope this works out.Best,Greg

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