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      All, There are three HGVC properties here at the Waikoloa Beach Resort.  Two are HGVC purpose built (HGVC Kings Land and HGVC at Waikoloa Beach Resort, which is referred to as Kohala Suites) and one is an affiliate (Bay Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort).  These trade through RCI and are considered the best timeshares on the Big Island.  Best II traded property is Kona Coast Resort and another good property is Paniolo Greens (both RCI and II).  Note that Paniolo Greens is in Waikoloa Village, which is about 6 miles away from the Waikoloa Beach Resort area.  There are two excellent hotels in Waikoloa Beach Resort, the Hilton Hotel and the Marriott Hotel.  We are staying now at KingsLand but the area knowledge applies to each of the WBR timeshares.  Note that Kona Coast Resort is down in Kona, and not here in Waikoloa Beach Resort. Things to know: 1) There is a CostCo in Kona, about 5 miles south of the airport 2) The airport is approx 30 minutes south of the Waikoloa Beach Resort (WBR) area 3) A close grocery store to WBR area is the Waikoloa Village Market, located in Waikoloa Village 4) Waikoloa Village is a tiny town inland about 10 minutes drive from WBR 5) There is also a farmers market in Waimea on Saturdays from 7am-12pm 6) Waimea is approx 30 minutes drive from WBR 7) WBR is a master planned area similar to Kaanapali Beach 8 ) There are two good shopping areas of upscale shops, similar to Whalers Village, within WBR (they are Queens Marketplace and Kings Shops). 9) Within Queens Marketplace is an Islands Market -- this is the upscale ABC store that are starting to pop up -- in addition to the usual ABC stuff, they have a pretty decent (but expensive) grocery selection.  We use this for emergency provisions, versus stocking the timeshare unit (which we do from CostCo and Waikoloa Village Market) 10) For an inexpensive breakfast option, try Dave's Plate and Coffee Shack.  It is in Waikoloa Village, right across the street from the Waikoloa Village Market.  We combined them for a Saturday morning trip.  Very very easy to miss if you don't know its there, but good greasy spoon type of place.  Actually rated by TripAdvisor the #1 out of 24 restaurants in Waikoloa -- but realize they focus on the locals, not the tourists.  Be prepared for foam plates and plastic utensils in a true Shack.  Very very friendly people. 11) None of the HGVC properties are located on the beach -- and none (that I am aware of) can even see the ocean.  Kings Land has a terrific pool -- kind of a combination of the MOC Lahaina Villas pool and the MOC superpool, but a smaller combination.  The kids really like it -- multiple slides/basketball/volleyball/adult pool area.  Guests at Kohala Suites can use the superpool at Kings Land -- and guests of both can also use the fantastic pool amenities at the Hilton hotel. 12) Bay Club members can't use the superpool and can only use the hotel facilities if they pay for them (last reported as $150 for a 3 day pass for 4 people) 13) The Hilton Hotel itself is tremendous -- my kids love it -- but others have felt it's overkill.  It has been described as a Disneyland like environment and its accurate 14) They have two great pools.  One is a huge superpool, the other is a very good smaller pool (with a fast fast slide -- one modest turn and then a short steep drop that my kids liked) 15) There is a lagoon there that feeds directly from the ocean.  Hilton has stocked it with local fish and turtles so it is a self contained acquarium that you can swim in and enjoy.  16) There are dolphins that you can view and interact with (if you're willing to pay alot of money to interact with them -- approx $150 - $200 per person) 17) The hotel fronts the ocean directly there is no beach to lay on.  The volcanic coastline is beautiful. 18) Hapuna Beach is closest beach to the WBR area -- approx 10 minutes to the north and it is terrific.  Gentle waves for the boogie boarder, soft sand entry, good parking close by (but arrive by 10am as parking fills quickly). 19) The volcano is approx 2.5 hours drive from the WBR area.  Waipio Valley is approx 1 hour away from the WBR area. 20) WBR area is windier than other Hawaiian destinations.  We recall no wind at HHV and limited wind at MOC.  Yesterday was very windy, two and three days ago were moderately windy.  I only mention this because, while Saturday/Sunday were not a problem at all, yesterday we came back early from the pool.  They told us this was unusual, but I wanted to comment on it.  It made BBQing challenging.  (Update:  As per Steve's comment below, we had no other issues with wind after our check-out -- it was just that one day out of the trip that was very very windy -- weather/wind were not a problem on all other days). This is the extent of our current Big Island knowledge -- I'll add more as I learn more -- I hope others chime in with local knowledge.  Thanks!

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      If you can do just ONE thing, do the night snorkeling with manta rays. IT IS PHENOMENAL! Your concierge should be able to connect you. Did it in February.

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      Greg,The super windy day was an unusual occurrence for this time of year. It was very windy here in Honolulu as well. My kiddie pool blew away down the street.

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      Supposedly, if the wind stopped blowing hard the cows would fall over.Stayed at the Waikoloa Marriott and they had the best staff over Maui Ocean, Kauai beach and Waiohai

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