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help, today is last day on recission period

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      Our family, 2 adults and 4 teenagers are Royal Palm red week owners for over 15 years. Hated II, rising property taxes and maint. fees like all of you. Trade to 110K MR pts most of the times to use it for packages. Bought Destination points on 3-31, and have today to change my mind before the 10th day tomorrow. Many people already expressed about marriott being disloyal to existing owners, it's like every 8 people complaining there are 2 give thumbs up… My thinking is we are somewhat stuck, if we don't make a decision to enroll in DC pts and have the option to convert the royal palm to legacy pts. we feel like the chance of using II to exchange will be even harder. So i spend last week reading TUG, redweek and found your website. So grateful. Pl correct me if i am wrong.If i can buy points here from the community, it seems to me that i don't need to pay $12.02 for the DP? so cancel it, is that simple? The sales guy says it will only appreciate, ha, who knows?If i buy points here, will Marriott not honoring it come time to redeem? cos they keep preaching you may buy marriott week from ebay, but you will not be able to convert those to MR pts, so have to buy resale from Marriott sales folks.Do y'all buy points here to supplement existing DC points that you already purcahsed? We list out 10-15 places we want to go in the next 10 years, 5 of them have Marriott resorts, but Australia, Hong Kong, Kyoto, San Fran, LA, Korea have no Marriott resorts. And we are not going to de-value by trading DP pts.any guidance appreciated.

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      If I were you and you want the flexibility of the DC system, I would rescind the purchase of the points from Marriott, pay to enroll your existing Royal Palms week, and then simply rent whatever additional points you need here at VPE.  You'll save a tone of $$ and get to exactly where you want to be from a points perspective, while at the same time being able to rent extra points only in the years you need them, and not during the years you plan to travel to non MVC destinations.  Good luck!!

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      Fasttr's response is what I would do if I were in your situation.  I know this answer comes a little too late, but I hope you rescinded your contract.  Besides, if you want to purchase additional destinations points, just look into the resale market and purchase them that way, as you can always find some really good deals out there.  Just to give you an example, I recently puchased a substantial amount of points for 3.00 per point.  Your offer will go through a revision process by Marriott, called the right of first refusal or ROFR, where if Marriott believes that your offer is too low, they will purchase the contract from the seller, and you would get your earnest money back, unless you wanted to submit a new offer to another seller.  Marriott will also charge you $200 additional for every 250 points you're purchasing for processing, so keep that in mind when making your offer.  The plus side to it all is that at the end of the transaction you don't lose any benefits by purchasing destinations points on resale.If you purchase resale Marriott weeks, you won't get charged such a high processing fee, but the drawback is that you won't be able to convert your week into Marriott Rewards points.  Hope this information helps out!

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      People do different things.  I bought 1000 points when the program first started.  It was the minimum that I could buy.  Do I regret buying?  Not really.  But at the time there was no resale market as it was new.  It sure would be nice to have been able to save $5000 or even $6000 in the resale market, but I just included it as part of my learning fee.  But if you were talking about buying a larger number of points, I would hesitate and evaluate a little more.The ability to exchange points with other members is what makes the program work.  If people didn't buy points from Marriott, our exchanges would be a little more limited.  The piper always gets paid in timeshares.

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