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Grreat Experience – Canada and USA

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    We are Canadian owners at Marriott Ko Olina. Over the years we have had some great vacations there.

    This year we wanted to bring both our adult children and their families. We advertised for point purchase at .55 per point. We had at least 7 responses and were able to complete two transactions within 2 days.

    We did use Zelle Quick Pay as funding between Canada and the USA can be a bit of a challenge sometimes.

    Excited to have a great family time there!

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    Can you post the Username of the individuals you completed transactions with? It’s always nice to have trust-worthy “sellers”.

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    I was one of the transactions with DFD and they were great to work with! I had never used Zelle Quick Pay before but it is a great app and made for a smooth Canada – US transaction. This was my first transaction and again I want to thank DFD for a great first experience.

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    Hey DFD,

    This site saved you a ton of money. I am posting a recommendation that happy users donate a penney a point.

    ! Million points would be $10,000 to help manage the site.

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