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      This site looks like a good idea. Not sure how much traffic it gets?I've just bought into the program. Closing is the end of the month. Seems like this process is pretty much a "handshake" to get someone to transfer their points, into your account for a negotiated amount of money? Seems risky? I've used PayPal to buy things, and once sell something - I guess, they are pretty good about resolving discrepancies? Thoughts? Thanks...

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      Pirate,Welcome to VPE and I hope that it is helpful to you.  I've done numerous transactions -- perhaps 50 with Marriott points and more with Worldmark.  I've had excellent success and have not had any problems.  That being said, I've been mostly done smaller transactions (less than 3,000 points) and if I did a large transaction, I would be especially careful to find someone that has a good reputation, or would explore how best to protect both parties.I hope this works out for you!Best,Greg

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      I have also just recently bought in to the program.  And, as a Grand Residence Club member, I have far more points available than I can use most years.  So, I have offered up some for rent. As a "renter", I have the advantage of knowing that you are legitimate because you (the rentee) is also a Destinations Club member.  I guess if I were the "rentee", I'd want to know something about my renter to make sure he/she is legitimate.  Email, telephone, home address, maybe a Facebook page, and, of course, some positive reviews of previous transactions on VacationPointExchange.com.  🙂I use PayPal quite a bit for other transactions including sales from my business and have found them to be a pretty good platform. 

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      Thanks for the replies. Some good suggestions.

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