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Fees for renting points

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      are there any fees from marriott associated with transferring points to another owner when renting your points.  or is it really that if I say I want $0.60 a point then I will net the full $0.60 a point.

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      Marriott does not charge a fee, you just call your Vacation Ownership Advisor at MVC and tell them how many points you wish to transfer and from what use year you are tranferring, and provide them with the ID # and name of the recipient and they will make the transfer….no limits to how many transfers you can make and no fees charged by Marriott.  If you use PayPal to receive the funds, and you want to net your entire $0.60/point, just make sure the buyer pays the PayPal fees and you are good to go.I also noted in your post of renting your points, you say they are a 2014 Use Year, which is likely a good marketing idea for this site as the majority of the usage falls in 2014, but when you call Marriott to transfer those points, those are actually from your 2013 Use Year as with Trust points, the Use Year coincides with the first date of the use year, which in your case is a 2013 date.  I just wanted to clarify that for you to make sure you transfer the correct points.  Good luck!!!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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