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Fairway Villas – Absecon, NJ

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      Though a lot has changed at this location (and not for the better) over the years, this location does appeal to a wide variety of travelers. Within a three hour drive you can be in New York City (fairly direct), Philadelphia (direct)and Baltimore, MD or Washington, DC ( bit of a hassle but doable).We bought pre-construction with small kids so driveable destinations were a must with a family. Originally the Seaview Hotel property was a Marriott and we had access to all facilities but is now privately owned by the local university though you can still eat in the restaurant and pub and bill it to your Fairway Villas room.  There was also a Nick Faldo Golf School as part of the original deal but that too is long gone though a half hearted effort has been made to retain the practice range, greens and sandtraps for chipping. You can still play the Stockton Seaview course but its pricey. Many other options in South Jersey for the golfer.Atlantic City is and always has been a dump(went to college in the area in the 70's) - mostly a pig with lipstick but some casinos still in business have decent shows and respectable gambling. A day trip to Cape May is a nice activity though not much else in the immediate area. Brigantine has nice beaches but parking and fees can be a hassle. A day trip to Smithville shopping center or Sunday brunch at the Smithville Inn is a pleasant diversion.I love the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa and the outdoor adult swimming pool. An indoor pool is also open all year round. A great new childrens "splash park" area has been added to the pool area for summertime use. There is no onsite restaurant, the marketplace is miniscule and the snackbar/pub is only open in the summer but plenty of places to eat on the main drag in Absecon .Overall this location has been disappointing as an owner (since we got our own pool) but has been good for trading and it is the only location in the Northeast.  I recommend using it as a stopping off point to go elsewhere as I do occasionally overnighting on my way to DC and being pampered at the spa a couple of times a year. With Atlantic City in decline (yet again) a desire for solitude is the best use at this resort.

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