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Disney Cruises for Premier Plus Owners – Truth or Desperate Sales Tactic?

Ad Listings Forums General Questions Disney Cruises for Premier Plus Owners – Truth or Desperate Sales Tactic?

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      Hello everyone! I officially signed up in this forum today although I had visited it as a guest several times before.  I've been with MVC since 2005 and recently attended a sales presentation where the salesperson told me that Premier Plus owners can now book Disney Cruises.  I told the salesperson that Disney cruises don't show up on the MVC website as an option and she replied that it doesn't come up on the list, but that if you call in and request it they can book it.  She added that Marriott is not allowed to advertise it because of their competition with DVC, but that it is there.  After the presentation I contacted MVC and they denied the information.  Has anyone heard anything about this?  Please let me know.  Thank you and have a Happy New Year 2014! 🙂

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      I've not heard this — and I think the denial from MVC is the key data here.    But Disney cruises are great and  worth doing once in a lifetime!Best,Greg

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      I just hope that my MVC purchase goes through and doesn't get ROFR'd so that I can contact that salesperson and ask them about the Disney cruises to see what she will say…  I also saw someone asking about the same thing on TUG.  The person attended a sales presentation in one of the Hawaii resorts and was also told that MVC was adding the Disney cruises.  The one thing that sort of gives me some hope on this topic is the fact that after the sales presentation was over and I refused to purchase additional MVC points from Marriott (they were really pushy by the way) some guy came in to offer me a "freeze" on the purchase prize.  I basically had to pay a monthly amount and Marriott would sell me the points at the same price offered at the presentation ($10.12).  If I decided not to purchase the points then, I would still get to select a vacation package, one of which was a Disney Cruise, so if they offered it to me that day, then it probably means they have some access to them.  Let's see what happens...

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      We asked this specific question during our most recent sales presentation on HHI last month. We were told there was no relationship with DCL and nothing in the works to the sales person's knowledge. However, we were also told in a prior sales presentation at MOW that “Oh, Yes. Disney Cruise Line is being added to the cruise offerings.” That was back in 2012.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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