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      All, I will occasionally be able to offer a Direct Exchange of another of my timeshare systems in trade for your Marriott DC points. I've done this twice already for Marriott owners who want to visit the Hilton system on the Big Island (which are terrific properties, but not accessible to Marriott owners because they trade thru RCI). Points systems makes this much easier than finding owners of the specific week that you want. If you are interested in any of the following, please email me or PM me and we will see if something can be arranged. Possible Direct Exchange locations: 1) 2BR at HGVC Waikoloa (Big Island, Hawaii) 2) 1BR or 2BR at Bay Club at Waikoloa (HGVC affiliate on Big Island, Hawaii) 3) 1BR Prime/2BR Shoulder at Harborside at Atlantis (Nassau, Bahamas) 4) 1BR Prime/2BR Shoulder at Westin St. John (St. John, USVI -- note: this is a difficult reservation for me to obtain) 5) Studio at Elysian Beach Resort (St. Thomas) 6) Studio at Royal Garden at Waikiki (Waikiki, Oahu) #5 and #6 are a different caliber of property than #1-#4, but they may provide a geographic/unit size/short-stay solution for your vacation plans. Please contact me if any of these interest you and I'm happy to see if a Direct Exchange can be arranged. I may merely be connecting you with another TUGger, because I've gotten PMs from people who own other systems and are interested in DC Points in trade. All the best, Greg

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