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Can I rent points without depositing my enrolled week

Ad Listings Forums General Questions Can I rent points without depositing my enrolled week

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      So I am a long time Marriott owner at OceanWatch villa, normally using my week each year.  Been getting the push by Marriott to purchase points.  We did enroll our week back when is was like $600 to give us flexibility for the future, but have yet to deposit since the week stay is more valuable than points.  But I was thinking of renting some points and giving it a try, but wanted to know can I just rent and have them transferred into my account without having to first deposit a week into points and then have rental points added?Thanks.Seems link renting points is much more cost effective than purchasing them in the long run, renting a just a little more than MF seems eacy as much cheaper than the long term costs of purchase and them the every year MF.Jon

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      Yes, you should be able rent points.  You are considered an Enrolled owner and you should be able to have all of the same rights and access as someone who has purchased points.

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      Thanks for the reply.  Currently using my week and plan to do the same next year. Been getting the pressure to purchase, but with the $12/point up front cost, I am not convinced I need to purchase with the active method to rent for a small premium over the maintenance fees, does not make sense to me to expend so much up front.  I have Disney Vacation points that I can rent a between 2-3 times my maintenance fees, Marriott Points do not seem to hold the same value so I am not convinced the up front costs are worth it……looking to borrow some points in the future to give the system a try….

Viewing 2 reply threads
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