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Benefits of a Direct Exchange

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      A direct exchange is an agreement between two or more owners to exchange use of their property/points for a given period of time.  Benefits of a direct exchange include:     -access to properties you or your exchange company are not affiliated with  - may allow advanced booking of the specific dates that met your travel needs  - can eliminate the transfer of cash in renting.The typical direct exchange might be my week at Disney's Aulani for Greg's week at Marriott Maui Ocean Club. In this example Disney is affiliated with RCI and Marriott with II, so neither of us would have access to these properties. Since these properties are like for like, exchanging a week for a week is a very simple process. Exchanges can become more complex when the properties are not like for like in either room size or quality. This is where the point systems excel. If Greg wanted only a studio at Aulani rather than obtaining his full 2-bedroom week at the Maui Ocean Club, Greg could provide me with [X] number of Destination club points.  I could use those points for a week in a studio or 3 days in a 2-bedroom. How to get started? You can browse the listing and find one that is requesting a property or location you own, or you may find one offering a location you'd like to visit. Simply reply to the thread and make an offer. If no listing matches your needs, simply start a new thread and list what you are looking for the general time frame, and what you have to offer. Happy Trades!

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      Steve, thank you for posting this — a good summary. Steve and I conducted one of the original Direct Exchanges using points.  Steve owns DVC (at Villa Grand California) and I own Maui Ocean Club and am enrolled in DClub. Steve wanted to visit Marriott Timber Lodge for 5 nights in March 2013 and I wanted to visit Aulani on Oahu in June 2013.  I made the reservation at Timber Lodge for Steve using my Marriott points, booking 5 nights.  Steve is booking my reservation for Aulani with his Disney points.  Because of an imbalance in value (DVC points are worth more than Marriott points) I also transferred him some Worldmark credits to balance the trade as we both own Worldmark. In this transaction, I used my Marriott points to access a system that I did not own (Disney).  Steve used his DVC points to access a system he did not own (Marriott).  Additionally, because I am Premier Plus, Steve was able to get the short stay reservation (5 nights) that may not have been there in other methods.It worked out well for both of us -- and confirmed the potential of Direct Exchanges across other timeshare systems.  Separately, I have booked two different 7 night reservations in the HGVC system (on the Big Island) at the request of other TUGgers (they gave me the dates they wanted) and I received Marriott DC points in exchange -- which I will then use for my own reservations.  I told them the Usage Year of points that I wanted in trade (even splitting them, taking some points in 2013 Usage Year and some points in 2014 Usage Year) based upon my anticipated travel needs.  Thus, I generated DClub points from my companion system. I hope you find a transaction that works for you!Best, Greg

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      Hey guys, first of all, I would like to thank you for setting up this website, as it allows Marriott and other timeshare property owners to not only learn more about the programs, but to conduct a myriad of other transactions like trades, rents and others.  Second, thanks for posting information like this, as it has helped me, and I'm certain that many other owners in better understanding other options available that allow us to enjoy our memberships in other ways.  Once again, thanks and Happy Holidays and New Year!  Keep it up!

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