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2018 … forgot to convert to points….options?

Ad Listings Forums General Questions 2018 … forgot to convert to points….options?


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      Hi All –
      I am a legacy Marriott week owner. Our home resort is Myrtle Beach. We did ‘enroll’ so that we can convert our week to points a few years ago. This time, for our 2018 use year we missed the deadline to enroll our points for 2018 so our understanding is that we must now book at our home resort (Myrtle Beach). When I go to the Marriot Vacation Club website and see my options for ‘Book my Stay”, in 2018 it says, 0 Vacation Club points and has a button for ‘Use My Week’
      If I click the button I get a drop down with the following options:
      1) Occupy
      2) Occupy – Split week into shorter stays
      3) II Exchange – Owner Deposit
      4) II Exchange – Marriott Deposit
      5) Trade for Marriott Reward Points
      We understand option 1 – occupy. If I click this I see a calendar view of Dates available for check in in our season….mostly May 2018 through August 2018. Limited options available for check in within our season (5/18, 5/19, 5/20, 5/25, 5/26, 5/27, 6/1, 6/2, 6/3, 8/10, 8/12)

      We are most likely not able to use the dates above for option 1. And have done quite a few years already at Myrtle Beach.

      We know options 2 and 5 are not for us.

      That leaves options 3 and 4. Does anyone have experience here? What is the difference between II-Owner Deposit and II-Marriott deposit?

      Ideally, due to our schedules we are looking in 2018:
      March 28-April 1 or 2 (Wednesday to Sunday or Monday) in a warm or beach type location (we are in Philadelphia Area). In east coast timezone if possible (or +/- one or two hours ok)
      – Or –
      Week of August 10. Pretty open here…

      Would anyone have clearer understanding of options 3&4? And how their experience with Interval has been? Should we expect a headache ? Or is it generally a good experience?

      Also open to other thoughts/options.


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      This board is not very active in providing a lot of responses to this type of question. You would be better off posting this over on the Marriott board of TUG here….. https://tugbbs.com/forums/index.php?forums/marriott-vacation-club.29/

      Good luck!!

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      Thanks – I have posted there as well per your advice. WOuld also still like to hear from those here too 🙂


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