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Mocha cherry

puckmanflI have one Marriott week  🙂  where some, like you, have multiple weeks :D.  Plenty of money to acquire them I'm sure.  That's why I bought into point system.  I get 2500 points per year.  So leaving out my Marriott week, I bank my 2014 2500 points + 2015 points of 2500, that would total 5,000 points to use in 2015, not 2016 (wrong year in initial question).  Still not enough for most Hawaii locations except for Waiohai but since discovering this website, I can rent the rest!  🙂  My initial question was when do I try to get more points for use in 2015 (not 2016 as in initial question)?  If I can book 12 months in advance of when I want to go (where you are lucky to have premier plus privileges), that means I can call in June 2014, to try for a place to use in June 2015, if I'm lucky to get something.  So do I rent 2015 points before June 2014 for use in 2015 before I call to look for a place?  Is this the way it works?  Or are people renting points to look for last minute deals?  I'm trying to plan for 2 bedroom villa for family use in Hawaii in June 2015.  It would cost way too much to buy more points to get premier status, let alone premier plus.

good morningEOY points are averaged....  I get 4250 for my EOY Waiohai, thus  2175 evry year towards my PP status...Hope that helps...in the years (even) that I only have 12k points I still get PP benfits, odd years its 16k points due to my 3 eoy's...puck