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Re: Re: When to rent points for use in 2016?

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Mocha cherry

I appreciate your help in providing info regarding points.  Since I did not buy my TS directly from Marriott, I lost some benefits such as not able to exchange for Marriott reward points.  Plus I should have bought every year use so I could rent or trade one year.  Comes from not knowing about that.  I decided to enroll my TS in Marriott's destination program to be able to exchange with other Marriotts.  Buying points, this way we get a vacation each year, maybe a bigger vacation some years cuz of the TS.  We had gone to an update on our diamond resorts TS earlier this year and decided, I would rather join the Marriott program versus Diamond Resorts, especially if plunking down lots of money.  I checked and if buying resale points though cheaper, I could end up having to pay the enrollment fee of $2395 which was waived.  Thus maybe I could save a few K's.  I discovered this vacation point exchange site from TUG when looking into further info about Marriotts point system.  Renting points could save me a ton of money especially on the maintenance fees.  I have 10 days to decide to cancel which is by Saturday.  But wow, I love this renting of points already!!  I'm trying to read all the documents Marriott gave us.  Thanks for your help.