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Thanks for your help Greg.  What I don't understand is if one has to make reservations for a place about 1 year in advance, why are people looking for 2014 points to rent?  Am I missing something about making reservations under the point system?  I am only familiar with making reservations for my TS one year in advance under the week system.  I am new to the point system (contract signed Wed Dec 4).I was reading about how you were able to buy resale points.  But because I only get 2500 points one year, and then the next year I get another 2500 points plus if I enroll my TS for another 3475 points, is it not worthwhile to buy 525 more points?  Because the points are expensive, maybe by buying 525 more points resale, I would have at least 3,000 per year or like what I learned, to rent points.  Is there such a thing as being premier every other year?  If not, then what I have may be sufficient.  Btw, I think I read on TUG that if we stay at a Marriott in using points or our TS week, do we get Marriott Reward Points for the stay?  Thanks again.

Mocha,I think that they average your EOY points for purposes of determining status, so if you have 3,475 points EOY, then for annual purposes, it's ~1,750 so you may be more than 525 points away from Premier.  Marriott would have to give you the complete answer, but I don't think its 525 points.With respect to 2014 points, even though many people have completed their 2014 travel planning, some people are still looking for points usage next year.  Travel plans change, or they spot availability at a property they are potentially interested in, and go rent points to secure the reservation.  I did this less than a year out -- I had a friend who decided they wanted to go MOC at the same time we were going, I checked availability with my points (but I didn't want to use my points to book the reservation, because I would have had to borrow -- and I don't like to borrow) so I came here and rented points from someone, and then proceeded to make the reservation.So I think 2014 vacation planning is still fluid for some people, and there are still good points reservations out there to be made in 2014.  With respect to earning Marriott Rewards, you are correct that you will get credit for elite night stays in the timeshares -- I can't remember if you get other points too though.I don't mean to intrude, but I think you are [barely] still within your 7-day rescission period for the points purchase.  If you are enrolled in DClub via your EOY Newport Beach week, you can still use points, you just have to rent them here on VPE, versus actually owning them.  It might worth considering -- rescinding on the Trust Points purchase and then renting points when you want them?    Just a thought....but if you keep them, you will have lots of fun with them too!Best,Greg