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Re: Re: When to rent points for use in 2016?

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Mocha cherry

Thanks for your help Greg.  What I don't understand is if one has to make reservations for a place about 1 year in advance, why are people looking for 2014 points to rent?  Am I missing something about making reservations under the point system?  I am only familiar with making reservations for my TS one year in advance under the week system.  I am new to the point system (contract signed Wed Dec 4).I was reading about how you were able to buy resale points.  But because I only get 2500 points one year, and then the next year I get another 2500 points plus if I enroll my TS for another 3475 points, is it not worthwhile to buy 525 more points?  Because the points are expensive, maybe by buying 525 more points resale, I would have at least 3,000 per year or like what I learned, to rent points.  Is there such a thing as being premier every other year?  If not, then what I have may be sufficient.  Btw, I think I read on TUG that if we stay at a Marriott in using points or our TS week, do we get Marriott Reward Points for the stay?  Thanks again.