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Re: Re: When to rent points for use in 2015?

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Mocha cherry

good morning....Mocha...If your plans are for Hawaii 2015 and you will be short (even with banking), you can rent points for 2015 anytime before 6/2014 (12 month window).  Please make sure the points you rent are valid in  the 2015 USE YEAR.  Most of the points for rent aere "LEGACY" points which have a 1/1-12/31 window. Trust points such as yours start after closing and use year runs 12 months..  This can be trickyenjoy

puckmanflThanks for the info of when to look for points to rent.  I think it's easier to look for trust points only to not run into the problem of Legacy versus Trust points.  Regarding Legacy points, thus if I convert my Newport to points, are those Legacy points as well?  Funny, non of the Marriott documents mention legacy points.  Thanks!mocha cherry