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I am new to the legacy vs trust points thing.I own 2 legacy weeks worth a total of 5050 legacy points. I recently purchased 1500 trust points to obtain the premier status. Tonight, I tried to reserve a Ritz property for Jan 2015 (13 months out). I have 6550 pts for 2015. The desired unit was available for 6500 pts. When I was reserving the unit, the MVCI website  system was borrowing points from 2016 to complete the reservation. This confused me.So I ask, what are the differences between the legacy points and the trust points when it comes to usage for reserving units?If pts are rented, what are the utilization guidelines and restrictions?

In most instances, you will find either Trust or Legacy or combination of each will be able to snatch most ressies.  That said, a few of us have found that there are instances, which seem to occur most often in the 13 month reservation window, where only Trust points can book a reservation.  Then, when you hit the 12 month reservation window, MVC moves most of those ressies that were not snatched up at 13 months with Trust points into the Exchange, where either Trust or Legacy points can get at them.  Its likely you will be able to grab the ressie at the 12 month mark.All that said, what seems odd in your situation is that even if you borrowed all of your Trust points from 2016, you still would not have had enough pure Trust points to book the ressie (you would have had a total of 3000), so that's a bit of a head scratcher.  Perhaps GregT will chime in as he has a lot of experience working the system and trying to learn all of its nuances.  You said you recently purchased the Trust points.....do they show up in your account and are available to use for 2015?As for rented points, they hold the original power, so if they are rented Trust points, they are the same as owned Trust points, if they are rented Legacy points, they are the same as owned Legacy points.