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Re: Re: Trust Points booking issue

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Very interesting.  It looks like it will not let you use combined Trust and Legacy points to fulfill any given single nights ressie.  As an example, according to the point chart, a Friday or Saturday is 1625 points, which is one of the options offered to you above to be allocated to your Trust points.  650 points is for a Sun-Thursday night and 3 of those gets you the 1950 Trust points option also listed above (again you would have to borrow).  They would not allow you to book only 2 night using your Trust points for a split of 1300 Trust and 5200 Legacy points because you don't have that many Legacy points in 2015… or so it would seem.Very interesting.  First time I have run across this one but it would seem they cannot (at least the computer cannot easily do it) break up a single night and reserve it using a combination of Trust and Legacy points.