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I spoke with MVCI rep Sandel. I was on hold for nearly 15 minutes while he and a supervisor figured it out.Basically, this was a glitch in the system...an error that originated from when the exchange point system began when MVCI kept 2 separate inventories...In the beginning, MVCI maintained a separate enrolled point inventory and a separate trust point inventory...each ressie week/day essentially has a deed linked to the purchaser/owner or to the MVCI trust. So a reservation used to require specific allotments of trust or enrolled/points.Additionally, certain properties with specific units are incorrectly released into the reservation system. The units then follow the original reservation requirements.The current available rental inventory is likely organized by the reservation system in some manner that reflects original deed type (enrolled or trust). When someone attempts to book an incorrectly loaded unit via the reservation system...the glitch manifests.Apparently, this is not a common error. However, when the glitch does happen...call MVCI and they will sort it out.In the end, I reserved a RCC 2BR suite in Vail for my desired Jan 2015 week using my 2015 points without borrowing any of my trust points from 2016.