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Is your current week already enrolled in the points program, or would you have to pay to enroll it?Have you ever tried trading your week via II?  Trying this route, you may be able to exchange into a desirable location without having to pay more to rent the additional points you would need if you went the points route.    If going the points route is the way you chose to go, then it is very easy to rent the additional points you would need here on VPE.  Just click the Classified link on the top menu bar and send a message to whomever is listing points for rent for the year you need them and the price that you like.  I have rented additional points each year since about 2012, and have always found it a quick and easy transaction.  Renting points is certainly a better approach than purchasing the additional points you feel you would need (no upfront costs, and the annual outlay is very close to what the annual MF's would be on the owned points.)