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Adding 1,000 points, though, would cost $12K-ish.  I'm a big supporter of the DC program; I think it works well for most people in most cases.  For me, it gives me a lot more flexibility than a typical 7-day/full week ownership.  I never stay anywhere for more than 4 or 5 days.  Maybe when I get a bit older, I'll settle in for a 7-day stay.I have advised a few friends that were interested in DC to buy the minimum number of points necessary and then just rent points year-to-year depending on their vacation needs.  I have had reasonably good luck at "last minute" rentals, as well.  But, of course, I don't typically do them during the busiest times of the year. I'm an owner at the Marriott Grand Residence Club in Lake Tahoe, so I have points coming out my ears.  When I got ready to enroll, I begged, pleaded, and sent humble emails to anyone I could find at MVCI to see if I could get them to waive the enrollment fee.  No dice.  I have found in most corporations that there is always someone willing to bend the rules in the name of good customer service... or to get you to just leave them alone.  Except for Marriott and United Airlines, that is.  🙂