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Re: Re: Question About Buying Points for the First Time

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There is no wiggle room on price….it is what it is.  That said, everybody doesn't pay the full retail price.  They will quote you a lower price for purchasing a larger quantity of points.  Also, the incentives increase as the quantity of points you purchase increases.  The incentives may have a little wiggle room.  I always recommend purchasing a low quantity of points...1500 is what is considered a base interest, and then use this site to rent whatever additional points you need over an above that quantity.  The cost to rent a point is very close to the annual cost you will pay in maintenance fees, so on an annual basis, what you pay to rent more is not much more than what you would pay if you owned them, but the big difference is that you didn't have to pay the upfront purchase price on those extra points to get them.  You may also want to ask them about a hybrid approach, where you buy a week via Marriott Resales that can be enrolled in the points program if you buy a matching number of points.  That way you can then convert the week to points in any years you wish to do so and combine with your purchased points for a larger total quantity of points purchased a bit cheaper than a pure points purchase.  If you get the right week and points combo, you can get your cost per point down to about $7 per point, which is much lower than you would pay just purchasing points.  Going that route however, you will likely end up paying a little more in upfront costs than if you purchase just the base interest of 1500 points, but if you really feel you want/need 3000, 4000, etc points (example... a week worth 2000 points plus a matching purchase of 2000 Trust points), it may be a more cost effective approach for you.Good luck.