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Re: Re: Price of Rental Points are all $.50-55??

Ad Listings Forums General Questions Price of Rental Points are all $.50-55?? Re: Re: Price of Rental Points are all $.50-55??


I find it curious that all of the listing at VPE seem to have a very narrow band of prices: $0.50-55 per MVC point.  I would think that there would be some sellers willing to sell points cheaper if they had a bunch of them that they needed to get rid of, or if their points were expiring soon, etc.  Any explanations or ideas?

It's also past experience that points were about 50-55 cents as well.  Any less and people can't cover their maintenance fees.  Any more, and sometimes it's cheaper to do a cash stay, but I think you have to be above 75-80 cents at that point.Also, many of the points listed are for the future and have a long use date.  For instance if they are Calendar 2015 use points, there's still 10 months left to use.  Some are advertising 2016 so those have 1 year and 10 months to use.  It's probably not until there's 3-4 months remaining for the points to be used, that you will see prices decrease.For 2016 points, I would expect those to be priced higher, as maintenance fees increase.  For the points,  I treat them like Options/Derivatives.  The longer till expiration, the greater the time value.