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Hi,I just realized that I didn't answer Greg's question.....our home DVC resort is Boardwalk Villas.  It's definitely one of the more popular resorts and fills up fast because it's within walking distance (or a short boat ride if you're tired of walking) of both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.  As the name implies, it's situated on a bay with a Boardwalk where there are numerous restaurants, a dueling piano bar, and a dance hall.    In the evenings, they have magicians, jugglers, and other entertainers roaming around the boardwalk, and they do brief shows.  It has a themed pool with a water slide and also a 'quiet pool' (which is a great place if you want to get a chair with a good location and don't care about the water slide.)  Finally, Boardwalk has a "Community Hall" containing video game systems, ping pong, foosball, boardgames, arts/crafts for the kids, etc.  I can book Boardwalk at 11 months out and the other DVC resorts at 7 months out.I've seen a few people asking about Bay Lake Tower which is a newer DVC resort located in the Magic Kingdom area.  It's nice because to get to the Magic Kingdom, you'd walk over to the Contemporary and then ride the monorail from there.  I've never tried to book Bay Lake at 7 months out, but my guess is it'd be difficult to get at that point.    If Magic Kingdom is someone's sole reason for going to Disney, it'd be best to find someone to trade with who is a Bay Lake owner so that they can book Bay Lake at 11 months.  If you are going to Disney and planning to visit all of the parks and also have some rest/relaxation time at the pool or taking advantage of other recreation activities, then I'd definitely recommend Boardwalk.Linda