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Starbucks is now on site.If you purchase the refillable mugs, sell them back on ebay for about 1/2 of what you paid. Unless you like having a $40 plastic cup.The Lahaina and Napilli towers are very,very nice. Everything you need if going as a family and very roomy.The Molokai, Maui and Lanai towers are your standard "hotel" rooms. If you don't need all the room then this is the way to go. As stated before, high floors are the way to go unless you don't like heights or longer elevator rides (I have never had a problems with wait times for the tower elevators) Wait times for the Lahaina garage elevator have always been long, so most of the time I never use it.If you eat white rice plain, don't get it at Longboards. They put salt in it and that does not fly with me. I know they have done this for years ( I keep coming back for more 🙁 ) Otherwise I have no complaints about service or food there.Local food- Da Kitchen in Kahului where 36 &37 meet. Bring your appetite as the plates have a lot of food.Try to avoid driving during the commute hours as there is only the one road, so it will keep your frustration level down.Don't be one of the idiots sightseeing/waving cameras while driving to MOC from the airport. It pisses everyone off and you should see what it does to the side of your car when you get hit.Maui is well set up for tourism, lots to do,see,eat and things don't die off at sunset.